Remington Court Urban Dwellings

render-w-sky0024The past year or so I’ve worked closely with Robert Humble, Architect and principle founder of Robert Humble Architects and HybridSeattle, and David Williams, local investor and principle owner of 11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast, to offer a refreshing sustainable town home design concept to compliment the changing times and the progressive needs of urban dwelling. Robert and David are long time residents of Capitol Hill and throughout the years have become attached to the area and the community. Capitol Hill’s Pike and Pine corridor with it’s long history of music and art culture is arguably the hippest and most progressive neighborhood in Seattle. It’s location and proximity to Downtown Seattle invite a diverse breed of dwellers to flourish and define a diverse and vibrant community.
Remington Court Urban Dwellings is a 4 unit modern high density urban dwelling project located in Seattle’s Squire Park neighborhood on an urban infill lot. The property had an old “tear down” single family home on it, and like many of Seattle’s parcels, it was up-zoned throughout the years to accommodate higher density close to the city’s core. Remington Court Town Homes are located within walking distance to Seattle University and minutes to Downtown, Capitol Hill, the International District, great shops, cafes, galleries and much more. It offers many options for public transportation.
Remington Court offers 3 unit with with 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath approximately 1500sf of modern living. The 4th unit is a stand alone unit with approximately 825sf of living space. All units have off street parking and 1 unit features a private garage/flex space. The 3 larger units offer a garden roof top decks to absorb the views of the city to the west, Mount Rainier to the south and Seattle University’s athletic field to the north. The roof top deck is a
green roof , designed with vegetation to assist in the retention of rainfall.

The project broke ground late November of 2007. Eco-friendly and sustainable urban density features are incorporated into the project. Pin piles are driven about 8-10 feet deep to assist the support of the slab floor ensuring the stability of the foundation.

dscn4386 dscn4399

Each of the 3 larger units feature exposed concrete slab flooring equipped with in-floor hydronic heating. The design takes advantage of the south facing features, exposed concrete floors, in-floor hydronic heating system, open floor plan, and large window to utilize hydronic heating and cooling for the home.
The first level, with its own access, 3/4 bath, and utility stubs for a small kitchenette or wet bar, make it a great media room, home office, or MIL. 1 unit is designed with a private garage with heated floors. All of the spaces on the first level in each of unit are designed as flexible spaces, which can be used for variety of multiple functions. The design offers great options and flexibility to the homeowner, with the opportunity to personalize the space to their lifestyle needs and the progressive needs of high density sustainable urban living. The lower level space is designed with floor to ceiling windows to allowing light to dance throughout fill the space.
The first floor features exposed concrete floors designed to radiate heat from the warmth of sun as well as cool the homes in the summer evenings.


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